Annual Research Reports

The annual AMREP Research Report provides a comprehensive overview of the research programs conducted by  institutions and departments at AMREP. The AMREP Annual Review presents a snapshot of AMREP highlights. Complete lists of publications are also available.

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AMREP Research Reports

AMREP Research Report 2014 coverAMREP Research Report 2013 coverAMREP Research Report 2012 coverAMREP Research Report 2011 COVER








ResearchReport2010.inddAMREP Research Report 2009 COVERAMREP Research Report 2008 COVERAMREP Research Report 2007 COVER








AMREP Reviews

AMREP Annual Review 2010-11 COVERAMREP Annual Review 09-10 COVER









Full list of 2014 publications (PDF)

Full list of 2013 publications (PDF)

Full list of 2012 publications (PDF)

Full list of 2011 publications (PDF)

Doctoral students

Doctoral students current in 2014 (PDF)

Doctoral students current in 2013 (PDF)

Doctoral students current in 2012 (PDF)

Doctoral students current in 2011 (PDF)