Meeting Rooms

For groups of four, eight, or sixteen.

  • Whiteboard. No audio-visual equipment.


Seating for up to fifty.

  • Whiteboard, computer and data projector.

The Seminar Room

Seating for 120 with stackable chairs.

  • Whiteboard and audio-visual equipment for presentations.

The Lecture Theatre

Seating for 196 and 4 wheelchair places.

  • Audio-visual equipment for presentations.


The Lecture Theatre Foyer and South Entrance Foyer cater to up to 200 and 30 people respectively.

  • Kitchenettes with instantly boiling or cold filtered water.

Moving Furniture

Trestle tables are available for use in Classrooms, the Seminar Room and the Lecture Theatre Foyer. Seating can be rearranged in Classrooms and the Seminar Room to suit meeting needs. Please note: it is the responsibility of the group booking a room to re-position all furniture to the standard configuration by the end of their booking time.

Spotless (support desk: 9076 8222) can provide assistance to move furniture on weekdays. A booking for assistance from Spotless needs to be made 7 days in advance, and include times for both setup and packup if required.