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In Vivo Imaging | AMREP - Alfred Medical Research and Education Precinct

In Vivo Imaging

The IVIS Lumina XR Series III installed at AMREP in 2013 provides an expandable, sensitive imaging system that can be used for fluorescent, bioluminescent and X-ray imaging in vivo.

Capable of multi-modal imaging, the unit can provide rich datasets for longitudinal studies.

>>Enquiries should be directed to Monash Central Clinical School Research Manager Ashleigh Clarke.



The Bioscan NanoPET/CT system, launched at AMREP in 2012, provides high resolution, high efficiency PET and X-Ray CT scanning for in vivo small animal imaging.

>> Click here for technical specifications and to make bookings to use the Nano PET/CT scanner

Contact Dr Christoph Hagemeyer, Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, for more information.