AMREP Council


Prof. Andrew Way, Alfred Health (Chair)
Prof. Stephen Jane, Alfred Health
Prof. Brendan Crabb / Geoff Drenkhahn, Burnet Institute
Prof. Mark Hogarth, Burnet Institute
Prof. Tom Marwick / David Lloyd, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
Hilary Bolton, Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
Prof. Christina Mitchell, Monash University
Prof. David Tarlinton, Monash University
Prof. Anne Holland, La Trobe University
Prof. Tracey Bucknall, Deakin University
Dr Lee Hamley, Chief Medical Officer, Alfred Health
Janet Weir-Phyland, Chief Nursing Officer, Alfred Health
Prof. John McNeil, Chair, The Alfred Health Human Ethics Committee
Prof. Colin Johnston, Chair, AMREP Animal Ethics Governance & Policy Committee

In attendance

John Breguet, Director, Capital and Infrastructure, Alfred Health
Dr Nicole den Elzen, Executive General Manager, Research Strategy and Operations (Secretary)

Terms of Reference

  1. To develop and oversee the implementation of the AMREP Strategic Plan for Research in accordance with the broad strategic directions of the AMREP partners
  2. To oversee the management and further development of AMREP in accordance with agreements between the partners
  3. To receive reports from and oversee AMREP operational committees / working groups
  4. To develop and consolidate medical research and education facilities at AMREP and to coordinate and contribute to the redevelopment of medical research and education infrastructure
  5. To establish a high level of interaction between the basic science laboratories of the AMREP partners with the clinical services of The Alfred hospital
  6. To promote training and education in research practice to health professionals, biomedical scientists and related professions
  7. To develop policies and processes to foster and monitor research performance of high quality within AMREP, such as reflected in increased external research funding and publications in well regarded journals, patents and higher degree completions
  8. To encourage research collaboration between the AMREP partners and other organisations and agencies outside AMREP
  9. To assist investigators within AMREP to identify and access the broad range of government and private sector funding opportunities
  10. To encourage the development of approaches to identify and capitalise on commercial R&D opportunities developed within AMREP
  11. To facilitate the implementation of consistent policies and procedures within AMREP which satisfy the requirements of the NHMRC, the Victorian Bureau of Animal Welfare and the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (such as those that relate to sound and ethical scientific practice; research involving humans, animals, biosafety/genetics or carcinogenic/toxic chemicals; and Intellectual Property ownership and management)
  12. To provide advice on specific projects that raise important issues of research policy or have substantial ethical, legal or financial implications for the AMREP partners

2016 meeting dates

23 February, 3 May, 19 July, 4 October, 6 December.