Infectious Diseases/Drugs & Related Behaviours


A new ‘Healthy Mothers – Healthy Babies’ program is operating in Papua New Guinea.
Lynton Crabb Photography.

The Burnet Institute’s Centre for Population Health targets HIV, hepatitis C, sexually transmitted infections, malaria, tuberculosis and drug and alcohol misuse, all of which are serious health concerns in Australia and in the Asia Pacific. The aim is to reduce the impact of these diseases and behaviours, particularly in highly vulnerable populations and disease endemic areas.

Burnet’s Centre for International Health responds to health problems in developing countries through the provision of technical advice and support, organisational capacity-building, applied research, policy analysis and development, and training and education programs. Expertise spans HIV prevention and care, women’s and children’s health, sexual and reproductive health, drug use, primary health care, strengthening national health systems, and education across these fields.