Research Ethics & Compliance


Human Ethics

The Alfred Hospital Ethics Committee reviews the ethical and scientific aspects of research and medical activities involving human subjects at Alfred Health, the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, the Burnet Institute, Monash University departments at The Alfred.

  • Go to the Human Ethics website for all information, guidelines and application forms for research involving humans.

Animal Ethics

The AMREP Animal Ethics Committee reviews applications to use animals for scientific purposes from investigators from Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, Monash University Central Clinical School, Burnet Institute and The Alfred hospital.

  • Go to the Animal Ethics website for information and guidelines to use animals for scientific purposes.
  • Click here to log into EthicsAppOrder Animal Ethics Applications and Animal Services Ordering Management

Dealings with Genetically Modified Organisms

The Monash University Biosafety Committee, via the Monash Research Office, administers compliance with regulations covering dealings with genetically modified organisms for Alfred Health, Baker and the Burnet Institute as well as Monash University.

Research Governance and Occupational Health and Safety

The individual AMREP partners each have in place their own policies, guidelines and procedures covering compliance with the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research 2007 and regulations for the handling of hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials and biological hazards.