Blood Diseases and Cancer


Developing squamous cell cancer on the skin: cells grow in an uncontrolled fashion after damage to the tumour suppressor.

The Australian Centre for Blood Diseases (ACBD), Monash Central Clinical School, has well established basic and clinical research programs in blood diseases, including blood cancers.

ACBD research groups include Thrombosis, Fibrinolysis and Gene Regulation, Leukemia, Red Cells, Stem Cells, Systems Haematology, Multiple Myeloma, Cancer and Immune Cell Signalling, Fibrinolysis and Plasminogen Modulation, Platelet and Megakaryocyte Cell Biology, Stem Cell Transplantation and Clinical Haematology.

Other AMREP Research in Blood Diseases and Cancer

Monash Central Clinical School 

Burnet Institute

  • Inflammation, Cancer and Infection – research and development of new immunomodulatory therapeutics for autoimmune diseases, treatments of blood cancers and vaccines in infections such as HIV and malaria.

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