Infection and Immunity


Burnet’s Point-of-Care CD4 test (VISITECT) for diagnosis and management of HIV in resource-poor settings.

The Burnet Institute is a major centre for research in Infection and Immunity.

An important focus is human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), in particular, understanding how HIV causes disease, treatment, eradication, identification of new drug targets and development of point-of-care testing.

Other research is directed towards understanding how the immune system functions in health as well as in disease, and on developing novel treatments for incurable and chronic diseases.

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The Monash Department of Immunology’s research programs are in basic and translational immunology, and target diseases including allergy, asthma, autoimmunity, inflammation, diabetes, organ fibrosis, cancer and malaria. The department also focuses on engineering novel treatments such as nanoparticle-based vaccines in cancer and infection, as well as therapeutic proteins and monoclonal antibodies.

Other AMREP research in infection and immunity