ImmunoMonitoring Facility


The Burnet ImmunoMonitoring Facility (IMF) is a certified NATA Research and Development (R&D) accredited facility.

The facility develops optimised and validated immunological assays for clinical trials and pre-clinical research compliant to ISO/AS17025.

The Burnet IMF supports both internal and external research in vaccine development by conducting and validating relevant immunological assays to Good Laboratory Practice standards. Increasingly, regulatory authorities request that assays showing markers of vaccine efficacy are robust and standardised.

Analysis of the biological samples is performed using the following validated analytical techniques and processes:

  • Isolation and cryopreservation of mononuclear cells, plasma and serum
  • ELISpot assays
  • Multiplex bead array systems
  • Neutralisation activity assays
  • Phagocytic function, and
  • Oxidative burst activity analysis

>> Enquiries about the Burnet IMF should be directed to Associate Professor Rosemary Ffrench, Facility Director or Kylie Goy, Facility Coordinator.