Micro Imaging


HIV proteins seen through the super resolution microscope. 

Monash Micro Imaging at AMREP ([email protected]) manages core imaging resources within Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Monash University Central Clinical School and the Burnet Cell Imaging Facility.

[email protected] currently manages three confocal and several conventional fluorescence microscopes within PC2 laboratories, as well as a deconvolution microscope within a PC3 laboratory forming part of the Burnet Cell Imaging Facility.

Staff are available to assist with experimental design and techniques such as live and fixed cell imaging, time-lapse, 3D, high resolution of large areas, fluorescence, brightfield, phase, DIC, and ion imaging. Staff will also advise researchers who are purchasing a new microscope to help ensure that they order the appropriate technology to suit their needs.

Training on microscopes is conducted on request and is usually coupled with a discussion on the imaging requirements of the research project. Training seminars and workshops are also conducted to help broaden understanding of imaging technology.

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